Hello Everyone,
It's the beginning of the month and Independence Day is around the corner so its time for another Training/ Activities calendar(attached).
Make special note that we will not have our regularly scheduled business meeting, meal , and training on the 4th. We start back with our regularly scheduled EMT night on the 11th.
We will make-up our meal and business meeting on the 18th of July. We will be handing out BBQ tickets that night so we hope to see you all there!

Upcoming Trainings for July 2017

Regular Trainings:
April 11th - 0900-1200 and 1900-2200 EMT Continuing Education @ 24
April 18th - 1900-2200 Regular Training @ 24 Rapid Intervention Practices

Daytime Trainings:
July 14th - 0900-1200 Rapid Intervention Drills
July 26th - 0900-1200 Rapid Intervention Drills
July 27th - 0900-1200 Rapid Intervention Drills

22,23,46 Shift Trainings:
A-Shift- July 6th 0900-1200, RIT refresher, patient moves @ GTCC
B-Shift- July 7th 0900-1200, Pumping Multiple Lines @ GTCC
C-Shift- July 19th 0900-1200, Pumping Multiple Lines @ Whatley Wy

22,24,25 Shift Trainings:
A-Shift-July 13th 0900-1600, RIT Drills @ Station 24
B- Shift-July 25th 0900-1200, Rescue 24 Ops@ Station 24
C-Shift- July 28th 0900-1200, Ladders Practice @ Station 24

Upcoming events:
• No Training on July 4th (first Tuesday) Business meeting, meal held on the 18th

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