This is the start of a new month and time for a new training calendar.  This month we will be conducting our yearly Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) on both Tuesday night regular trainings held on 6th and 20th, and all three Daytime trainings.  If you are an interior firefighter with PSFD you must attend one of the five testing sessions for you to remain an interior firefighter… 

            Guil-Rand Fire Department will be holding their large tanker shuttle on November 13th at 1830.  They have asked PSFD to bring a 3,000 gallon tanker, if you are interested please email Trevor Martin by November the 9th so I can make arrangements.  I hope to see you at training and thanks for all you do.

Upcoming Trainings for November 2018

Regular Trainings:

November 6th    -   1800-2200 Meal/Business Meeting @ 24 and Reg. Training @ Burn Building (Physical Abilities Testing)

November 13th  -   0900-1200 and 1900-2200 EMT Continuing Education @ 24

November 20th  -   1600-2200 Regular Training @ Burn Building (Physical Abilities Testing)




Daytime Trainings:

November 6th    -  0900-1200 Physical Abilities Testing

November 7th     -  0900-1200 Physical Abilities Testing

November 8th    -  1300-1600 Physical Abilities Testing


22,23,46 Shift Trainings:

A-Shift- November 15th    0900-1200, FEO Training @ Burn Building

B-Shift- November 5th      0900-1200, Engine Company Operations @ Burn Building

C-Shift- November 28th    1300-1600, FEO Training @ Burn Building


22,24,25 Shift Trainings:

A- Shift- November 15th    1300-1600, FEO Training @ Burn Building 

B- Shift- November 5th       0900-1200, 1300-1600 Extrication @ 24

C-Shift- November 1st            0900-1200, Stabilization @ Station 24


Upcoming events:

  • November 13th   – Guil-Rand tanker Shuttle @ Sta. 20 @ 1830
  • Physical Abilities Testing on the 6th,7th , 8th, and 20th @ GTCC Burn Building
  • November 27th    -  Officers Training @ 24 0830-1130
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