Upcoming Trainings for May 2019

Regular Trainings:
May 9th - 1800-2200 Large Tanker Shuttle GTCC (Note this is a Thursday Night) (Good)
May 14th - 0900-1200 and 1900-2200 EMT Continuing Education @ 24 (GTCC)
May 21st - 1800-2200 Meal/Business Meeting @ 24 and Reg. Training (Spainhour)

Daytime Trainings:
A-Shift May 21st 0900-1200 HazMat, CO and New Combustible Gas Meters (Spainhour)
B-Shift May 22nd 0900-1200 HazMat, CO and New Combustible Gas Meters (Hodgin)
C-Shift May 20th 0900-1200 HazMat, CO and New Combustible Gas Meters (Flippin)

23,46 Shift Trainings:
A-Shift- May 1st 0900-1200 Ropes and Rescue 24 Operations @ GTCC (Wall)
B-Shift- May 24th 0900-1200, Drafting Operations @ GTCC (James)
C-Shift- May 16th 1300-1600, Pumping Multiple Line @ GTCC (Flippin)

24,25 Shift Trainings:
A- Shift- May 28th 0900-1200, Ladders and Ventilation (Spainhour)
B- Shift- May 31st 0900-1200, Drafting Operations (Huffines)
C- Shift- May 16th 1300-1600 Dry Hydrants and Floating Dock (Good)

Upcoming events:

• Large tanker shuttle May 9th. Contact Lt. Good if you can assist, he will need personnel to stand-by for calls, drive trucks, ride trucks, run a pitot gauge, keep time and assist at the drop tanks and fill sites.
• County House Burning May 17th 0800-1500. We still are need a couple more personnel to assist. Please contact Div. Chief Sawyer if you are interested.
• Regular Meal and Business Meeting moved to the May 21st.

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