Engine 24 is a 2021 Pierce Enforcer Pumper. It has a 500 horsepower Cummins diesel enigine with an Allison EVS automatic transmission. It has a 1500 GPM single stage Hale pump with 1000 gallons of water. It carries 1275' of 4" supply line, 500' of 2-1/2 line, one 200' 1-3/4" preconnects, one 300' 1-3/4" preconnect, one 200' 2-1/2" preconnect, and a 100' 1-3/4" trash line. It has a 24' extension ladder and a 14' roof ladder in a hydraulic overhead ladder rack, and a 10' attic ladder. 



Tanker 24 is a 2016 Pierce Enforcer 3000 gallon elliptical tanker.  

Rescue 24


Rescue 24 is a 2015 Pierce Velocity Heavy Rescue unit. It has a 25 kw PTO-driven generator with a 24ft, 6 head, Wil-Burt air-actuated light mast. The light mast is supplemented by 12 volt LED brow and scene lighting that totally illuminates around the vehicle. It also has a 12volt portable winch that can be utilized from seven (7) points around the apparatus. Its hydraulic rescue tool system consists of two electrically operated pumps capable of driving five (5) Hurst hydraulic tools simultaneously. Rescue 24 carries a Hurst KL-32 spreader, a JL-27 spreader, two (2) Hurst MOC cutters, a Hurst JL-150 cutter, a Hurst ML12 combination-tool, a Hurst T-59 telescopic ram, a Hurst T-41 telescopic ram, a Hurst Mini-Cutter, and a Hurst Honda power unit and various loose hoses for portable operations. Two sets of spreaders and cutters are kept pre-connected to the hydraulic pumps via 100ft. reels; one set mounted in the front bumper and one set in the right rear compartment of the apparatus. Rescue 24 is equipped with a total of three (3) pairs of Res-Q-Jack vehicle stabilization struts & jacks. It also has two (2) 200 ft. 120volt apparatus mounted electric cord reels and a 100ft. apparatus mounted air hose reel for the use of air operated tools. It carries five Hurst high pressure air bags: a 43 ton bag, two (2) 34 ton bags, a 3 ton bag, and a 1 ton bag. It has a Cutter's Edge ventilation saw, two chain saws, a circular saw (k12), an air-operated rotary saw and two reciprocating saws. It carries a 120 volt electrically powered 24" PPV blower and a Hydra-Ram for forcing doors. Rescue 24 carries rope rescue equipment, forcible entry tools, water rescue equipment, wooden cribbing, salvage covers, a 4-gas monitor, a 2000 watt portable generator, portable tripod LED lighting, and salvage equipment. Rescue 24 also carries a full complement of first-aid equipment and firefighter rehabilitation supplies.


Brush 24

Brush 24 is a 1993 Chevrolet squad/brush truck on a 1-ton chassis. The compartmented rear body was made by Reading and has a slide-in brush unit made by Craft Emergency Equipment. It is gasoline powered and has an automatic transmission. It has a 250 GPM Hale pump and carries 250 gallons of water. It carries a 200’ 1-1/2” line, 200’ of 1” forestry hose, and a 200’ 1” booster line. It carries 15 gallons of Class A foam concentrate.

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